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Many international students choose to remain in Australia after completing their studies due to better prospects and opportunities across a variety of sectors. Experience gained in Australia is advantageous when applying for permanent residency. If you’re one those, it is essential to understand the steps to help make your dream become reality. A Subclasses 485 visa HTML2will provide you with the opportunity to continue your studies or to become full-time employees in Australia. Follow this blog to the end to learn all about your temporary student visa 485.

What are the two different Visa Subclasses 485?

It is important to note that the Temporary Grad Visa subclass 485 includes two streams that are part of it which are the Post-study and Graduate Work Stream. Work The requirements and benefits for each stream differ for the two streams, therefore it is essential to know the requirements prior to submitting your application.

Graduate Work in Stream

This stream will permit you to accomplish the following.

  • You are able to reside within Australia during 18-months. But, the duration is temporarily extended to 24 months beginning 1 December 2021.
  • Living, working and even studying with no limitations are feasible. It is also possible to travel within or out of Australia at any time you want.
  • To be eligible to this program, you need to meet the following criteria.
  • You need to have an official diploma or trade certificate granted through one of the Australian vocational training institution.
  • You should have the necessary skills for an occupation that is listed on the list of skilled occupations relevant to your job.
  • You have to pass a skill assessment test that is administered by an appropriate authority to verify your capabilities.

Post-Study Work Stream

A temporary visa for graduate students 485 permits you to:

  • You can stay for between 2 and 4 years.
  • You can pursue higher education or join or for an Australian employer.

In this particular stream, the conditions for eligibility for this stream will be the the following.

  • You must have an undergraduate, master’s or doctorate degree awarded by the Australian university.
  • Your initial Australian students visa class 500 application must be submitted after 5 November 2011.

In comparison to the Graduating Work Stream, this stream has more advantages. Apart from the possibility of staying longer, you’ll not be required to satisfy any requirements related to your skills.

However, for both streams, remember that it is your responsibility to locate your own job, it is not for that of the Department of Home Affairs.

Be aware of The Second Post-Study Work Stream

At present, a new Post-Study Workstream has been created. If you’ve worked and resided in a region in Australia during your initial Post-Study Workstream, you could apply to this stream. After being granted, you are able to stay anywhere from one to two additional years. However, the length of your stay will be based on two aspects.

  • In the first Post-Study stream, you must be able to prove that you have been awarded the degree to you by the Australian institute. In the second it is the Department will consider the institution’s location in the region into consideration.
  • The area in which you resided with your first post-study work stream could also be taken into consideration.

What are the requirements for this temporary graduate visa?

In addition, to stream-specific prerequisites, you should not overlook to meet requirements of the standard Grad Visa 485 requirements for eligibility.

Age requirements

You must be younger than 50.

Predominance in Australia

Be aware that the application for the 485 visa in Australia is onshore. This means you have to be physically in the country at date of your application.

Application deadlines are due by the deadline.

Within 6 months of completion, you need to submit an application for the temporary visa of subclass 485. Be aware that completion of the course will require publication of your final grades.

A valid visa

The application must be submitted within six months of obtaining the Australian student visa. If your student visa expires prior to making the 485 visa application Australia application, then you need to apply for the Bridging Visa.

Australian requirements for studying

To be eligible for applicants for the Temporary Graduate Visa, it is required to meet the Australian study requirements, which includes the following requirements.

  • Find out if your course was recognized by CICOS. Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • You must have completed all of the requirements for the course.
  • You must have completed your course English.
  • You must be able to earn your degree or diploma in the minimum of two academic years of studying.
  • You must demonstrate that you’ve been within Australia for at least 16 calendar months in order to finish the course at the date of your application.
  • You must have an active Australian student visa when you completed the course.
  • If you plan in applying to the Graduate Work Stream ensure that your course is in line with the prerequisites for the job you are applying for.

Health insurance

In order to qualify for this temporary graduate visa subclass 485, you must have valid health insurance coverage. If you had the OSHC when you submit your the application, you are able to make use of it. However, once the decision is made, alternative Australian health coverage will be needed. Overseas Visitor Health Insurance may be a good alternative.

Character and health needs

Every applicant who is included in the application must meet the required medical and character standards.

How Do You Apply to be a Temporary Graduate subclassed visa 485?

To enjoy all the benefits, you must submit a complete application which involves the steps below.

Complete steps before you apply

You must complete a number of steps prior to beginning the main process of applying, such as reviewing the conditions of the visa subclass 485 and taking a health exam. If you decide to engage an migration expertin Adelaide and you decide to hire a migration consultant in Adelaide, then you should hire them now.

Collect documents

The 485 Graduate Visa application requires several documents to be provided.

  • Identity documents like passports and any other ID card
  • Australian study documents
  • Health insurance information about the cover
  • English language test score
  • Relevant relationship documents
  • Partner documents
  • Dependent children documents
  • Health exam reports
  • Australian Federal Police check reports

Fill out the application

After uploading the scans of all your documents, you are able to send them in and fill out the application. In this stage you’ll need to pay the application fee.

Complete the post-application process

The Department of Home Affairs may require additional information such as biometrics. You must respond as swiftly as you can.

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