Technology is becoming increasingly dominant and learning has become an animal educators must manage for their children’s benefit. It can be managed with the right tips and tricks. Remote learning is an ongoing process and is constantly being improved. It might take some time to discover what works best for your needs. Here are some examples to consider.

Video Conferencing

One thing to remember is video conference tools. This will allow your children to learn together, regardless of where they may be.

It is important to be familiar with the tool and to give your children enough time to do so. This could cause problems that will make it difficult to keep track of the task. Ask students to clarify things.

Student Monitoring

Teaching good student citizenship can be difficult, especially when students aren’t in your class. Remote learning is a growing trend that has made it a norm.

Teachers must teach their students how to safely use computers and how to conduct research. This can be done with Chromebook monitoring. This allows you to remotely guide students and can keep them on track. They must complete their work on time.


Tech comparability is often overlooked by educators, which can lead to many headaches. It is important to remember that not every tool will work with every piece technology.

Chromebooks are the preferred technology for all students. The tools that you download must work with Chromebooks. It is not a good idea to try a program only to find that your students are unable to use it.


A screencasting tool is a powerful tool for educators. You spend a lot explaining to your children any new tool you introduce to them.

It’s normal, but it can also be time-consuming. It doesn’t have be this way. Screencasting allows you to have your children follow you as you show the tool. This can be done several times, and you can record the demonstration so your children can watch it again.

Keep it simple

It is best to not teach your children how to use multiple tools at once. There are many tech tools available, and all of them seem tempting. These tools could be very useful and can help your children learn better.

While all of this is true, if you try and teach them everything at once, it will cause problems. Before you introduce another tech tool, your kids must be proficient in the first one. Although it may take longer to create the tech-forward learning environment that you desire, your children will still be there for you.

Plan to Pivot

Tech is bound to make mistakes at some point. This is something teachers don’t account for and can end up hurting students. It is possible to spend too much time repairing or troubleshooting the tool or device.

It is possible to avoid this by creating a plan to pivot. This will allow your children to continue learning even if the tool you have just broken down. Troubleshooting can be time-consuming so ensure you have enough time to find a solution.

Pre-Recorded Lessons

Pre-recorded lessons are a great way to help your children. If you feel that someone else has a better explanation, there are lessons available online.

Learning could be made easier if you have both lessons at hand. This will help you if your internet goes down or your children’s internet stops working. It will also help your children if they are trying to do well in school or if they need to learn a lesson.

Last Thoughts

These are some tips and tricks to help students learn as efficiently using the latest technology tools. As you improve your online education, talk to other educators to find out if there are any other things that you could do.

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