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If you’re thinking of getting married and need some ideas. This is your complete guide to the most popular wedding trends in 2022 and what you should wear to your wedding dress.

If you are planning to get a custom wedding gown it is recommended to think about the following elements:

1. Where will you get married. Church or barn?

2. Are you planning to marry in a cold or hot place? Is it summer or winter?

3. Are there any specific shades you’ll be wearing for the rest in your day?

4. What do you recommend your groomsmen wear?

5: Accessories tend to aren’t the first item you consider however, you may need to think about the colours you’d like to pick.

Wedding dress that is traditional

Typically, navy or grey and are usually basic or lightly smooth. It’s impossible to fail with this timeless look. A custom-made gown is an investment and knowing that you’ll have the ability to wear it over and over for many years after your wedding (with different accessories obviously) is something to think about when you’re deciding on the possibility.

Furthermore, you are able to wear basic or patterned items without having to worry about clashing when you dress in a plain suit.

The night suit

Dinner dresses are a chic alternative that lets you dress as Bond all day long. Select a fashionable black, black dinner dress and a midnight blue. It is essential to keep in mind that the blue you choose should be dark and dark enough to make you believe it’s that it is black. If the blue is brighter, it could make the suit appear less attractive. the suit.

An elegant dress is a wise investment. You’ll be surprised by the amount of times you’ll require the formal dress for dinner.

A formal attire must include a shawl or a peak lapel, but not a conventional or notch-lapel, as this is more common for traditional (lounge) outfits.

Additionally, you’ll require an evening dress and a bow tie that is black to finish your look. You can buy them pre-made or design one yourself with the fabric you prefer.

Three-piece bridal dress

An all-in-one suit can be a great choice for a wedding gown. Naturally you’ll sweat and need to take off your jacket as quickly as possible. A waistcoat will ensure that your look is well outfitted. The best part about it is that it functions as a corset, pulling everything inside and holding your t-shirt in place.

It’s the most frequently used choice for wedding dresses and looks the most classy when all of the outfit is made from similar fabric. It also gives you less anxiety.

The bold and bold wedding dress

Not for the faint of heart, however, it’s essential to the Groom who doesn’t hesitate to be bold and stand out. There are a myriad of choices available, from vibrant shades of green to vibrant pink, should you want to wear one. We’ll work with to make sure that the color you pick is pleasing to you.

Wedding dress comprised out of Tweed

This dress is great for barn or casual weddings with rustic venues. We’ve created Tweed wedding dresses for the Groom even during summer. But don’t be worried, you can find creative alternatives, lighter weight options to choose from, meaning you don’t need to select a bulky vintage tie. (Unless you’d prefer to naturally! )

A three-piece suit can work for this style as you’ll have the opportunity to indulge your time by choosing the high-lipped lapel. We’ll assist you in making these choices Don’t fret.

The short beach with a T-shirt for an elegant wedding combination

A lot of people don’t wish to dress to the nines for their wedding day There are many options to choose from.

A casual shirt and shorts combination can be a chic look when well-tailored. Choose delicate linen and cotton blends, or bright colors with a white, clean shirt that has an open neck and you’ll get a stunning look to wear for the wedding. The choice of natural fabrics is a great option to look hot, but stay cool throughout your special day.

Morning suit

A classic choice that is typically utilized for formal weddings at churches and cathedrals. They are not often utilized for weddings that are casual like manor houses or barn-style venues.

The traditional option for style is available in traditional black herringbone tails (jacket) and Prince Edward trousers with stripes. There’s no room for alteration unless you decide to break away from the traditional fashion and opt for something new.

Checked suit

It is suggested to choose the most elegant check and an large one because the lens of your camera may distort fabric of your suit if not taken in the right direction. Prince of Wales checks are extremely fashionable since they’re such an elegant classic and timeless material. They usually come in the shade of a soft grey with a blue checkerboard however there is many other colors to pick from.

Wearing a pair of wedgecoats to stand out

A waistcoat with a contrast color could bring some style to an elegant, basic morning outfit. If you’re looking to add a fashionable twist to your outfit The subtle variations in the fabric can be an excellent method to dress in two-piece wedding outfits.

One thing to consider is that, if you’re wearing a dark-colored suit, you need to choose something lighter, and then switch to the other way around. This is a great slimming method.

Nailing your equipment

The accessories are the last thing you consider. It’s normal for grooms not knowing what color will work best for after they’ve tried on their wedding dress. We suggest choosing a hue that is in keeping with the theme of the wedding or color scheme, but also your.

In the event that you’re planning on getting married in the summertime, pick bright colors. A combination of cotton and silk mixes will give a classy and lavish look for your dress.

In the event that you’re planning on getting married during the fall or winter months select a vivid shade of silk, or choose woolen tie to add an additional touch of elegance for your ceremony.


We like clean and traditional at work with Alexandra Wood and usually say to our grooms that they should pick and sophisticated Oxford style for their classic suits and brogues to suit suits made of Tweed. Your choice is up to you and usually, purchasing two or three styles before wearing them with your suit could be the most effective method of determining which suits you best.


We’re certain that you’ll want your Groomsmen to look stunning (Not in the same manner as you are, of course) However, their comments are essential. We recommend that your Groomsmen are dressed in a different manner. When you’re dressed in navy pick the lighter or darker shade to ensure that your look is distinctive. It’s been a while since weddings were uniform.

For instance, if you’ve selected the spot-tie in burgundy, you may prefer to have your groomsmen wear simple ties so that everyone is comfortable but not overly matching.

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